Mindfulness and Pictorialism

Or taking pictures with a Squeezerlens.

The first time I got aware about the Squeezerlens was just about 2 years ago. I liked it from the beginning and it came into use more and more in last years – here the use of the squeezerlens is focused on a trip to Madeira island and Porto.

The Squeezerlens is manufactured manually by Frank Baeseler . He builds it based on old lenses with a flexible camera mount. In my case, with the Mini-Squeezerlens, an Leitz Hektor projector lens with a focal length of 8,5 cm and fixed aperture of f2.5 is being used. The lens allows – similar to the Lensbaby – to focus manually and squeezing the focus layer in a flexible way. It is therefore possible to reduce focus and sharpness zones to small areas and most important picture elements.



By using this lense one is leaving the perfection and degree of sharpness which is produced by modern lenses and digital cameras. Resulting pictures and images do show strong sharpness – blur transitions which in history have been important for photographic artists of the Pictorialism style.





The act of taking pictures, the selection of photographic objects and especially selecting an appropriate focus needs a different and a more mindful approach.

“My lens needs a different way of seeing as normally. It has to be excercised. And things are showing themself differently and new. It is a view with squinty eyes, in which colors and objects are flowing together. This brings to the mind memorys of views seen as a child.”

Werner Pechmann






I don’t want to miss to name here most important sources of inspiration for me when looking for the use of the Squeezerlens. This is the blog and article of Werner Pechmann and the blog of Martin Wolfert .

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