Wanderlust on the Saar-Hunsrueck-Steig

“The meaning of travelling is to get to a certain destination,
the meaning of hiking is to be on your way.”
Theodor Heuss


Since 2017 the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig is meant to be Germany’s most beautiful hiking path – choosen be readers of magazine “Wandermagazin”. And indeed this path which we followed from the Saar winding close to Mettlach to the city of Trier shows an amazing variety and beauty of nature with small creeks, mighty forests and hills. This is the perfect starting point for a few days of relaxation and mindfulness.

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Mindfulness and Pictorialism

Or taking pictures with a Squeezerlens.

The first time I got aware about the Squeezerlens was just about 2 years ago. I liked it from the beginning and it came into use more and more in last years – here the use of the squeezerlens is focused on a trip to Madeira island and Porto.

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Istanbul Streets

Istanbul, the city which has its grounds in Europe as well as in Asia, awesome and exhausting at the same time. 15 million inhabitants, different cultures and religions, coexisting since more then 1500 years, not without conflicts. Many interesting historical sites and cultural events, always crowded. This all together is a basis for surprising insights and interesting observations.


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Stuttgart Summer Walks

Ein sommerlicher Spaziergang durch Parks in und um Stuttgart, in Hohenheim und Ludwigsburg.


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